Senior Software Engineer - Mobile Development (React Native)

Remote, Active time preferred in US time zones

Position offered: Senior Software Engineer - Mobile Development (React Native)
Divi Labs

About Divi Labs: Divi Labs is a dynamic software development company specializing in crypto-oriented solutions. Our flagship product, DiviWallet, is a widely-used mobile app catering to the crypto audience on Android and Apple stores globally. Established in 2017, we are dedicated to becoming a prominent player in crypto-oriented software solutions.

Position Overview: We are seeking a passionate Senior Software Engineer to join our growing mobile development team. This role requires strong expertise in mobile app development, for the complete life cycle, using React Native and a track record of bringing successful mobile app projects to market.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Embrace a test-driven development mindset and lead by example.
  • Assume ownership over the entire code base, including new infrastructure, architecture redesigns, and refactoring.
  • Document architectural choices through diagrams, considering security, efficiency, and scalability factors.
  • Break down tasks and subtasks, providing time estimates for completion.
  • Potentially review code submissions from other developers and offer guidance as the team expands.

Required Skills:

  • Extensive experience in iOS and Android app release processes.
  • Proficiency in React Native, Typescript, and JavaScript.
  • Strong grasp of the Software Life-Cycle process.
  • Expertise in unit tests, integration tests, and functional tests.
  • Leadership in Architecture and Clean Code practices.
  • Ability to evaluate trade-offs between architectural designs.
  • Domain-driven design skills for enhancing user experiences.
  • Understanding of vertical and horizontal scaling, primary-replica patterns, and event-driven architecture.
  • Third-party integration experience.
  • Proficiency in data structures and algorithms.
  • History of designing scalable, efficient, and cost-effective infrastructures.
  • Strong commitment to code quality: SOLID principles, minimal logic in frontend, thorough documentation, etc.
  • Autonomous learning ability to acquire advanced knowledge relevant to project progress.

Preferred Additional Experience:

  • MVVM architecture familiarity.
  • Blockchain technology understanding.
  • Experience with SaaS and subscription services.
  • Experience with user profile management and data tracking.


  • Competitive compensation package.
  • Opportunity to work on cutting-edge crypto solutions.
  • Dynamic and collaborative work environment.
  • Potential for leadership roles as the team expands

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